How do choose the right wedding photographer?

Below, you will find a guide to making the right decision for your wedding day.

You are selecting more than just a person to show up and take a few pictures at your wedding! You are hiring a wedding photographer that will be connect with you, your spouse, family and friends. Having a connection with your photographer is a huge part of the selection process. Which would you expect to produce better results for you, a large studio who will send a random photographer to your wedding or, photographer who takes the time to build a relationship with you?

Your wedding photographer’s personality can almost make or break your wedding day! Too many times we've heard how couples received no direction from their photographer and the photos suffered because of it. If the person you hired doesn't know you or what you want, your wedding photography will not meet or beat your expectations.

While price and budget should be considered when selecting a wedding photographer, it should not be the riding factor in your decision. Can't even tell you how many times we've heard from brides and grooms..."We chose a someone for $500-$1000 to photograph our wedding and the pictures were awful!" or "I don't have one photo that I love from the entire day!" or even "Took 9-12 months to even get our photos and then they were terrible!" We hear these types of horror stories all the time when making this decision merely based on price. At the end of the most important day of your life, wedding photography is all you have to remember your entire day.

In today's world, so many think all they need is a disc with their images. What will you do with all those images on that disk? Most put it in a drawer never to be seen again! Why would anyone want that over a beautifully designed wedding album that your wedding photographer could and should provide you. Reputable photographers don't provide albums they make at Walgreen's or Snapfish. Instead, they should have albums that will stand the test of time with amazing quality and options. We believe your wedding album is your first family heirloom and thus should provide lasting memories for years to come!

When selecting a wedding photographer you should look for a photographer that includes an album as a part of your wedding photography package. An album tells the story of your wedding day! Don't be one of those couples that wished they had gotten a wedding album from their photographer. Of course, albums come in many shapes, sizes, colors and quality. You'll spot true quality when you see and feel it! 

**Questions you might want to ask potential wedding photographers:
1) Do we get an album included with our wedding photography package? 2) How many pages come in your wedding albums? 3) How many images do we get to put in our wedding album? 3) Do you offer options and upgrades to wedding albums?

A lot of couples tend to overlook the number of hours that will be offered during the coverage of your wedding. Here's where you need to be careful when selecting your wedding photographer! Some wedding photographers only offer cut-rate wedding photography pricing because they really offering you less than enough coverage on your day. Next thing you know, to get adequate coverage for your wedding you have to pay hidden charges for more time or go without a photographer for a substantial part of your wedding day. Typically you will want your wedding photographer to be with you to capture all the moments of your wedding day, not just the ceremony and a few dance photos. Isn't that why you are hiring cover the entire wedding? Typical wedding photography coverage requires at least 8-10 hours!

**Don't be fooled by low prices if they are only offering 4-6 hours of coverage for your wedding day. You'll wind up with an incomplete wedding/love story.

All weddings need at least two wedding photographers! Yes, that's right...2 wedding photographers! This guarantees that your primary wedding photographer is focused on working with you, your wedding party and family. Your wedding photographer should be directing the day while the second wedding photographer is helping the primary or providing additional coverage at the same time.

We have found based on our experience, having two wedding photographers at your event will ensure you get your wants and needs met and, nothing gets missed from your big day.



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