Photojournalistic Wedding Photography or Candid?

What is photojournalistic wedding photography?Why is it so vogue? Why does everyone want it so bad? Does anyone really know what that means?

I will give my two cents in effort to answer these very questions.

photojouranalistic wedding photoThis is an example of a photojournalistic wedding photo!

wedding photo exampleGreat photo but, not a photojournalistic example

Here's my take on all this. Photojournalism is just a fancy word for candid. Newspapers and sports magazines use photojournalism to help tell a story. You almost never see newspaper photos or anything from Sports Illustrated that are posed shots. That's what wedding photographers are supposed to do....or at least I always thought so! However, after spending several years doing wedding photography, I can easily say that simply in't the case. My clients love the fact that I shoot to capture the moment and not pose them at all! Instead, The wedding photography industry is divided into a couple of groups, (Traditional) those who think every photo has to be set up just perfectly and (Candid) or (photojournalistic) those of us who would rather be completely un-intrusive and take pictures without anyone's knowledge capturing the true vibe of the moment.

yuckTraditional: I don't have any examples of this NOT my Photo!

Candid (photojournalistic): This has a modern feel. Yes, this is mine.

When our parents and grandparents got married the art of photography was difficult to shoot on the run and be prepared to capture the moment. Traditional or Posed was the way to go. Since the digital photography became the dominant force for weddings, it is much easier to be completely mobile and prepared for just about anything. It is still a huge challenge to have a candid or photojournalistic philosophy when shooting weddings. That is one more reason I love it so much! Why does everyone want this? We are living in modern times and the masses want something fresh and new. It doesn't make the traditional way bad, just not as much in demand these days. Why is it so vogue? Some of the more famous photographers in the U.S. use the candid style. This makes it popular and coveted by those of us who see their images and how powerful they are.

In order to be good at photo journalism, you have to be ready to capture the moment!

These are great examples of the modern style we use!


My hope for writing all of this, we all stop using big words to describe what can be said simply...candid.