Being a Photographer...

Maybe, being in the right place at the right time is the key to being a good photographer. Here's a perfect example. I had just finished an Engagement Photo Session with a couple at the Michigan Avenue River-walk in Chicago. A lot of Chicagoan's don't even know this place exists. This is one level below "lower" Michigan Avenue along the Chicago River. On my way back to my car, I had been scrolling photos from the session. This meant the camera was still powered on and ready to shoot. Crossing the rarely busy street with my head down staring at the camera's screen, I was startled by an extremely loud wind up of a turbo engine. Since we were essentially underground, the echo assisted the overwhelming decibel level and my panic attack. When the driver saw me point my camera at him, he 'hit the hammer'! My guess, he passed me going 100+MPH. Found myself moving from his path much faster than I initially anticipated due to instant fear for my life, as if to say, "I'll give you something to photograph!". I remember thinking, "I'm getting this shot!". You can see the cloud of dust that blew up behind him as he punched the gas. What I find really cool about this shot is, because he was coming straight at me, it is impossible to tell just how fast he was going.

Isn't it more fun knowing the story behind the photo?

Coming straight at me at over 100 mph!