Wedding Photography

Why you should want a Wedding Album

Let's say for arguments sake, when you are planning on getting married, you are thinking Long Term. At least I would hope that everyone who is planning a wedding is doing so because they believe there marriage will last forever. Let's also assume for a minute, that your marriage will last until "death do us part".

Shouldn't your photography also last forever? 


I really believe we all set out thinking of how our married lives will go. You and your spouse will have successful careers, a house, 2-3 kids - 2-3 dogs or all of the above! So, let's fast forward 25 years. Your children are grown and starting families themselves. It's coming up to your anniversary and you are feeling nostalgic. "Let's look at out wedding photos!". Will you even know where the DVD is that you got from your photographer 25 years ago? Will it still be usable technology? Even if you put them "in the cloud", will you always have access to your own wedding images online? I promise you, if you ever run into these scenarios, you'll wish you had a wedding album! By the way, we never get calls about missing wedding albums.

When you put in that perspective,  in theory, it should make it a little easier for you to decide on a wedding photographer. You should pick a photographer who will provide you an album as a part of the money you pay to have them. I do not believe an album should cost extra. Only 1 out of 10 couples who only receive a DVD from their photographer actually go on to make an album before they lose their disc or stick it in a drawer for eternity. 

This is your Love Story! 


A wedding Album is a book, same as one of the classic love stories like, 'The Princess Bride'. Your album should stand the test of time both visually and with exceptional quality. A wedding Album should be THE visual representation of who you are as a couple in addition to telling the story of the wedding day.


Getting to know your photographer and building a rapport will ensure you get more personalized images that you will cherish forever. I get to know my clients during the engagement session (also something I include). This is when I find out what they really are hoping for on the wedding day and, also allows me to see how my clients interact with each other. I will also interact with them to find out how far they are willing to go for original, dynamic and unforgettable images. Depending on the size of your album, some of the images in your album may be larger than images you currently have on your walls right now. I offer my clients 10x10, 12x12 & 12x18 album sizes. When opened and laid flat, the image could be 10x20 (as in the case below) up to 18x24! That's huge!

Let's put all this into perspective. 

Instead of only thinking by today's standards, a mere DVD of your wedding images may be great to have now but, completely inadequate in your future to remember the day your new story began. Don't sell yourself short when it come to hiring the right Las Vegas or Chicago Wedding Photographer. A wedding album will ensure your love story is documented the same way all the other (fiction or non-fiction) classic love stories of all time!