5 reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer

5 reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer:

  1. When you hire a professional wedding photographer, you're getting someone who can create images that will meet or beat your expectations. Amateurs wind up just letting the events of the day unfold and stand back to take pictures. Anyone can do that from their cell phone these days. Is that what you want?...cell phone pictures of your wedding day?  Professionals know how to steer the events of the day for better images that tell your love story and belong in your album.
  2. Direction, Creativity & Experience: A professional will lead or direct the wedding day. You have enough to worry about that day. You shouldn't have to worry about specific photos or what's going to look best. We will do that for you. We will also have a creative vision for the day and the surroundings. I personally scout every venue so I can create special imagery and have no surprises on the wedding day. An experienced professional will know how much time it takes to get through every aspect of your day. They will help you [lan the day accordingly. Professionals would know that going from the Chicago's North Shore to Millennium Park and back for the reception if you only have 2 hours between the wedding and reception absolutely wouldn't work because you'd wind up being 2 hours late to your own reception.
  3. Most professionals, if not all, have multiple photographers covering your day! Today's world is such that any real pro will have a team covering every wedding. Every wedding photographer we know, including myself, has at an assistant to carry gear, help set up and take pictures when needed.
  4. Professional cameras & lighting: Don't think that stuff is important? Those who claim to be pros and only charge $500 to shoot a wedding are not editing those photos and are more than likely using a camera that you can buy yourself for $250-$300 and let a friend shoot your wedding for you. The average professional brings anywhere from $5000-$10,000 worth of equipment to photograph a wedding.
  5. Finished product: The end result will be night and day different. An amateur is not doing any editing and likely shooting the entire wedding in AUTO mode. This means the camera is making all the decisions. That is fine if you are just taking pictures for fun or a hobby. A professional wants the control over the camera and knows how to maximise the camera's potential. The editing afterward is where the pros really stand out. The general public today doesn't see or understand the importance of post processing...or editing. The editing process is not as easy as you think. Professional software and computers are essential. When you get your images they should be perfect in composition, lighting and color. Anything less is amateur. You have to decide...if you want something better, the only choice is to hire a professional wedding photographer.photocrati gallery