5 most important things brides should consider when hiring a makeup artist.

Tracy from Goddess Effect Artistry, and her team are simply the best Make-up and Hairstylists you could hire for your wedding! In an effort to provide brides with as much information as I can, I recently asked Tracy to provide some insight about Wedding Makeup. Tracy and I have worked multiple weddings together. Goddess Effect Artistry is one of my preferred vendors. Bottom Line from Tracy, don't be afraid to ask the important questions! You are the bride and you have the right to know! Below are some questions and things to consider about makeup for your wedding day from a professional.

1) What cosmetology or esthetician school did you go to for your makeup education??  If none, What makeup courses have you taken?  How many years of experience do you have doing wedding makeup professionally?

In Illinois, makeup artists do not need a license to do makeup. You may notice that some artists charge half the price to do makeup and this is a great reason why.  Remember you get what you pay for.  Quality is important.  Its better to hire someone for your special day who does makeup as a career rather than a hobby.

2) Will your makeup artist travel to your location the day of your wedding?

On your wedding day you may feel tight with time when getting ready.  Its more efficient to have someone travel to you than it is to go to a salon.  Not only do you save travel time but you have the freedom of doing whatever else you need to in your hotel or home while the rest of the party is getting ready.  Save yourself that extra hour of sleep in the morning.  Have your artist come to you.

3) Does your makeup artist use professional makeup and tools?

Quality makeup not only last longer but it looks better on camera.  Pictures last a lifetime and this is very important.  A good makeup artist knows color theory and light to enhance your features and hide any flaws you may have (not that you even have any).  You don’t want to end up with flashback in photos and look like a ghost on your wedding day.  Also, its best to do makeup in natural light but who wants to get their makeup done outside when they are stuck in a hotel room with dim lighting??  Does your makeup artist bring along a makeup light?

4) Can your artist bring along as assistant?

If you have a large party can your artist bring along an assistant?  With an assistant the artist will have help cleaning utensils between clients as long as getting another face prepped for makeup.  Time will run more smoothly when having a larger party if two girls can get their makeup done at a time rather than one. Don't be the bride who is running late due to poor time management or not enough help to get you and the girls looking your best! Perfection takes time.

5) Is your artist friendly and organized?

You may need to contact your artist a few times before the wedding. Do they respond in a timely matter?  Did they send you a contract to secure your date and answer any questions you both may have leading up until the day of?...or...do they seem annoyed by your emails or phone calls? You should not feel like you are “bothering” your makeup artist by communicating with them whenever you need to prior to your wedding day.  This is one of the reasons why you pay a little bit more than that “more affordable” artist someone referred to you.  The artist should be there for you to answer any questions not only on your wedding day but the time leading up to that day as well.

I want to thank Tracy for helping me bring wonderful information to my brides! I obviously know nothing about makeup. That is why I seek information from those who do. Goddess Effect Artistry has a tremendous reputation and flawless style!
If you don't already have a makeup artist for your wedding, you should contact Tracy immediately:

You can check out Tracy and Goddess Effect Artistry at: www.goddesseffectartistry.com www.facebook.com/goddesseffect or email Tracy at tracy@goddesseffectartistry.com (708)717-5948